By the KCPF-ICPD25 response team
The government of Kenya will co-host, along with the government of Denmark and the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) the 25th summit of the International Conference on population and development (ICPD) at Kenyatta International Convention Centre November 12th-14th, 2019. Read more
The first concern is the UNFPA founding ideology that a large population is a liability and a hindrance to development and its mandate which is population control and reduction regardless of its consequences. The truth, however, is that large multinational companies working with some western governments that generate wealth by exploiting natural resources of developing countries were feeling threatened that a growing world population, especially in the developing countries, could change the global wealth and power dynamics. Watch here
The UNFPA is associated with China’s one-child Policy in China which has resulted in a distorted age structure with an increasing elderly population proportional to new labor force entrants and a badly skewed sex ratio due to selective abortion of females. China has a total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.62 births per woman while Denmark, the country that is cohosting the Nairobi Summit was at 1.71 by 2016 both of which are below the self replacement level of 2.1. Kenya which is celebrated by UNFPA has its TFR dipping to 3.85 births per woman over the past few years. Some regions such as central Kenya with the highest Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) of 63% were by 2014 dropping fast and close to 2.1resulting in the closure of schools. 
Initially, the population controls and reduction activities were pushed onto developing countries by pegging development aid to the introduction of contraceptives, sterilization and abortions. However, this approach changed at the first International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994 to one where health was considered a human right turning population control and reduction agenda into an internal government activity. The term reproductive health was also introduced into the UN lingo and has since evolved and expanded into the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) ideology and agenda.
The second concern is the SRHR ideology which is the new face of population control and reduction. When we promulgated our constitution which was heavily externally funded in 2010, various articles were inserted that in hindsight play into this agenda. Article 2 of the constitution made general rules of international law and any treaty or convention ratified by Kenya part of the Kenyan constitution, article 26 introduce exceptions for abortion and article 43 introduced the term reproductive health care into the constitution.
Then in 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) working together with UNFPA, UNDP and the World Bank published ‘Sexual health, human rights and the law’ to establish the controlling definition of SRHR terms to include acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderisms, legalization of prostitution, legalization of same-sex unions, access to sex-change surgery and cross-sex hormones therapy and that comprehensive sexuality education (CSE – a curriculum used to sexualize children as early as 5 years of age!) is a crucial component of sexual health. Further, adolescents (10-18) should access contraceptives and abortion without parental consent as a human right! The Nairobi summit is essentially about making governments commit to spending on and implement these SRHR commitments. 
Considering the article of the constitution mentioned above, unless the SRHR ideology is vigorously opposed and rejected in total, it would mean that Kenya is obliged to implement the SRHR commitments of ICPD-25 in full!
The third concern is that Christian pro-life and pro-family organizations that were seeking to oppose the WHO definition, offer alternative and workable solutions by seeking to influence the ICPD outcomes from within have been systematically profiled and blocked from registering. They have either not received responses or have received regrets.
KCPF and its allies are organizing a parallel conference where Christians can showcase their work, develop alternative definition(s) and commitments in keeping with our faith that will be used to hold our government to account and later be presented to the UN as the Kenyan position.Read more
November 10th from 9am at Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
November 11th to 13th at Cardinal Otunga Plaza.
November 14th pro-life and pro-family March starting at the Railways Club.
If you would like to help, receive relevant materials and training, kindly spread the word and register as an individual or an organization.

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